Saturday, September 11, 2010

"We're Famous!"

My current 6th graders were highlighted in the WCS "Chalk Talk" magazine for their work on that "Playground Plea" video from last spring. Here's a copy of the article.

As I shared the article with them, I gave them all a copy, had them read it to themselves, and then I read it to them. While we were reading, I asked them to stop me when we came to their favorite line of the article. I read the majority of the article without interruption. Curious, I paused and asked the students if I had already read their favorite line. "No, no, Mrs. Steele, not yet." I kept reading. "'We're gonna be famous!' said Alejandro," I read. "That's it!" they all shouted. I found it ever so interesting that out of the entire article of carefully selected words and creatively crafted phrases, the students most valued their own voice. I'm so glad that it was heard.

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