Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Parent Contact

"A school system without parents is just like a bucket with a hole in it." -Jesse Jackson 

Nicole has taken parent contact extremely seriously. Her goal? To make personal contact with 100% of her both of her buildings.

Now, Nicole is not one to shoot for 99.9%. In fact, if 110% was possible, she'd do it.

EL parents are accustomed to hearing one of two things: "Your child is behind" or Nothing. As terrible as this is to admit, it is sometimes easier to ignore a difficult situation than face it head on. 

Parents in Nicole's buildings are hearing neither of the above things. Instead they are being assured that their children are, in fact, progressing (even if it's at a slower pace than their teachers prefer), that they are being well cared for by their EL and classroom teachers, and that their insight into their child is invaluable to help said teachers teach their children in the most effective way possible.

Now that's motivating. That's what results in high parent involvement. Here's a reminder of why parental involvement is so important from

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