Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poem for Two Voices

Went to the Intesol Conference in Indy this weekend. Was phenomenal! Best one I've been to yet! One great activity that we did was in Katie Brooks and Maggie Robillard's presentation--we wrote a poem for two voices. While I'm an avid poem writer, I've not yet tried this type. I worked with two inspirational writers/teachers; here's what we came up with:

Social Studies Class
by Denise Anderson, Ana Arroyo (both IPS School 15), and Sarah Steele

I sit every day                                    I stand every day
listening                                                talking
                                                                 About American ideals
About America's ideas
                                                                 The Founding Fathers
They found padres?
I'm lost                                                  My students are lost
Here we go again                               Let's try again
I have a question                              Shh!
                                                                 We have to get through this lesson
But, but who are the padres?      THE   F OU N D ING  FAA THERS
But                                                          You're interrupting
Stop!                                                       Stop!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3rd Grade Has a Love of Reading!

Our 3rd graders have been practicing their fluency, expression, and voice with one book-of-choice this whole week. Today was the culminating event. They read their book to a captive audience (one to two partners). We had laughter, magnificent reading, and beautiful smiles all around!












6th Grade Gives an Award!

The 6th graders recently finished reading Mary McLeod Bethune, a book about a first-generation free black woman and her mark on how the United States of America treats other black people. Very inspiritational! So much so, in fact, that we decided to each honor one teacher with the Mary McLeod Bethune Award. Mrs. Ingold (now Sasso), Mrs. Nash, and Mrs. Wade were among the honored recipients!






I honored my 6th grade math teacher from Otsego Baptist Academy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4th Grade Play!

Our 4th graders put on a play called Clever Ana and the Giant. It's about a giant who demands certain parts of the crops and how Ana tricks him every time. Pretty soon, he gives up and goes away! Here are some pictures of the event.


"Hee hee!"




Hope you enjoyed the pics! I know we enjoyed the play!

2nd Grade Poetry Slam!

Our 2nd graders wrote poems using the -ing form about things they know that are particularly busy, such as schools, families, houses, parks, etc! Here are some pictures of the event.

We all had such a great time, reading our poems, listening to others, and sharing kind comments!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Our 4th grade vocab word this morning was blurted. The following is how one student showed me he understood.

Me: Yes, Juan?
Juan: I just blurted. *grin*

Yup. He got it. :)