Friday, October 22, 2010

Translating Blooper

TEACHER: Have you seen this paper before?
ME: ¿Ha visto este papel?
PARENT: No, nunca.
ME: No.
TEACHER: He should bring it home every day in his backpack.
ME: Lo debe traer cada dia en su cuchillo.
PARENT: incredulous look ¿Que?
ME: ¡O! ¡En su mochila!
un cuchillo

una mochila


  1. HA! You get that from your father. Just ask him about it.

  2. PLEASE!what does this say?! I can't understand Spanish and why is the ? upside down!?!?!

  3. Upside down question marks are part of the Spanish language. Cool, huh? :) As for what the Spanish words mean, see if you can figure it out using the pictures to help you. I just translated exactly what the teacher told me to say. It's pretty funny!

  4. Okay, uh, I cheated with the translations but I don't get it.