Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Practice in Creativity

I wanted to do something crafty for my summer school students. A friend (thanks, Jess Manduka!) gave me a repurposing book, and I found my project--bookmarks made from place mats, napkins, and other fabrics.

cutting the place mats

and napkins

James' photographic perspective ;)

after the kids designed them (drew on their pieces with pencil), 
I began the embroidery process.

it took...

...a while

sewed 'em up. did it with an unfinished edge instead of 
placing them inside out--thinner that way

applying fray guard

(notice the difference between the boys' and girls' ones!)

So much fun! Couldn't do this for ALL my ELLs (160+ kids!), but summer school numbers are much more doable. Great creative outlet, and the kids were shocked at how cool a bookmark (something to do with reading??) could be! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Oh, I know. Dumb."

WORKSHEET: "The opposite of foolish is _ _ _ _." (Hint: Change one letter from the word: wide.)

Well, this group of four boys didn't know what foolish itself meant. So I was trying to give them lots of no avail. Their classroom teacher (we split the whole group of 50 kids into 3 classes but come together occasionally) came up and said, "Oh, this group of boys should really know what foolish means." *red flag in my head* He continued, "'Joe is foolish.' So what does 'foolish' mean?" Joe looked down, utterly dejected. "Oh, I know. Dumb."

I attempted to repair the damage.

Then I cried.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Letters in Summer School

The kids and I have been writing to each other this summer school (highly recommended, by the way). I've been reading them one poem a day (from My Name is Jorge by Jane Medina) and having them quick-write a response. Then we have a written conversation about what they wrote. The responses below are from the poem "Invisible," which talks about how Jorge likes to be unseen by those around him because at least then he doesn't get things wrong, etc. These. Are. Incredible.