Monday, August 16, 2010

Special notes from summer school

I realize summer school has long past (and in fact, the regular school year is about to begin!), but I was just getting rid of the last of my goodbye letters and had to keep some very special quotes. I think they'll help me start out my year remembering from the get-go that I'm not just here to impact minds, but I'm also here to impact hearts. Enjoy!

"The teachers in this school are cool except for you, you are Awesome." -Ismael

"You help me with reading and writing. And especilly not being shy in front of the classroom. I improved in summer school because I can do stuff by myself. I though that I can do anything When I got here in your classroom." -Wendy

"People in the school is really nice. mostly Mrs. Steele. You helped me improve my reading levil...I started to a K and ended with O :). For myself I improved talking a little more." -Jemina

"The teacher I like is Mrs. Steele she is funny cool and alsome I so like her. We Like to write to echother and We do reading, and word work in the libray I like her she is nice."  -Madisyn

"I think Daniel was funny when he was the alien in the readers theater play called The Alien, cause it sound funny and it gave me a cool picture in my head." -Jewel

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pretty much the best surprise EVER!

I received an email last night. From YouTube. Saying that there was a comment "pending approval" on the "Playground Plea" video my students created at the end of last year ( This is how it started: "Wow! I was *delighted* to see this amazing video you have made about my poem..." Wait. Stop. WHAT?! "MY poem"???

Yes, folks, the actual author of the poem we interpreted through video commented on said video...and loved it! I can't wait to tell my students; they're going to FREAK!

I was sharing my joy with Katie Brooks, and she took it to a whole new level for me--why not set up a video chat with Ms. Huggins-Cooper so that my students can interview her live? Well, why not?! I've sent the message, so...we'll see if she has time for us. Sooooo exciting!