Monday, August 9, 2010

Pretty much the best surprise EVER!

I received an email last night. From YouTube. Saying that there was a comment "pending approval" on the "Playground Plea" video my students created at the end of last year ( This is how it started: "Wow! I was *delighted* to see this amazing video you have made about my poem..." Wait. Stop. WHAT?! "MY poem"???

Yes, folks, the actual author of the poem we interpreted through video commented on said video...and loved it! I can't wait to tell my students; they're going to FREAK!

I was sharing my joy with Katie Brooks, and she took it to a whole new level for me--why not set up a video chat with Ms. Huggins-Cooper so that my students can interview her live? Well, why not?! I've sent the message, so...we'll see if she has time for us. Sooooo exciting!

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