Monday, August 16, 2010

Special notes from summer school

I realize summer school has long past (and in fact, the regular school year is about to begin!), but I was just getting rid of the last of my goodbye letters and had to keep some very special quotes. I think they'll help me start out my year remembering from the get-go that I'm not just here to impact minds, but I'm also here to impact hearts. Enjoy!

"The teachers in this school are cool except for you, you are Awesome." -Ismael

"You help me with reading and writing. And especilly not being shy in front of the classroom. I improved in summer school because I can do stuff by myself. I though that I can do anything When I got here in your classroom." -Wendy

"People in the school is really nice. mostly Mrs. Steele. You helped me improve my reading levil...I started to a K and ended with O :). For myself I improved talking a little more." -Jemina

"The teacher I like is Mrs. Steele she is funny cool and alsome I so like her. We Like to write to echother and We do reading, and word work in the libray I like her she is nice."  -Madisyn

"I think Daniel was funny when he was the alien in the readers theater play called The Alien, cause it sound funny and it gave me a cool picture in my head." -Jewel

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