Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hank's Tattoos

Welcome to Hank's Tattoo Shop!

I'm Miss Star, one of the artists here.
And this is Senorita Estrella, our other artist.

Here's our design process:

Step 1: Take notes on another person's values.

Step 2: Design a tattoo uniquely for that person.

Step 3: Write a paragraph describing how this tattoo "represents" (key word!)
your partner and present it to them in front of the class.


  1. Just as a little p.s., if you'd like to try Hank's Tattoos with your own students, please consider two things--(1) is your town as conservative as mine and (2) is there a local (yet perhaps unknown to you) store named Hank's Tattoos? If you answered "yes" to either of the above questions, don't do it (or at least label it "Millie's Murals" or something)! It's not worth the trouble you'll stir...


  2. hehe, I love that you guys did this:) Did you know that the REAL Hank's moved in next door to the studio?? I think I'm going to run this over to him to show him. I am sure he'd be PSYCHED!!:)

  3. yes my shop is called HANKS TATTOO lol