Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I wanted to document on this blog some of the things we're learning that makes us better teachers for our students. The thing I'd like to spotlight today is objectives.

All teachers have at least one (if not more!) objective that correlates to the lesson they're teaching; otherwise...they wouldn't be justified in teaching it! We were encouraged to take that good practice one step further. Since our ELLs are dealing with new content and new language, why not take some time to think intentionally about the language within your lesson? There are actually ELP standards, created by the Indiana DOE (our very own Wendy Long was part of that committee!) to help guide the language portion of your lesson.

Here's an example of how we used this in our classroom:

Up close:

It's so helpful to keep in mind the language of the lesson. And using ELP standards helps you do just that!

Cool side-note feature: we post our objectives for students to see. Totally gives them a context in which to place their learning. And. Totally stole that idea from a teacher at Leesburg. "Teacher" is really code for "thief!" :)

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