Monday, September 7, 2009

A Glyph to Remember

We're experimenting with this type of project called a glyph. In the example I'm showing here, students put blue petals on their flowers for the number of brothers in their family, green petals for the number of sisters, gray if they're returning to Harrison, red if they're new, etc. After they get everything glued on appropriately, they get to make a mini speech in front of the whole class, describing what their glyph signifies. We've done this as young as 1st grade, and I know a teacher who's done it with kindergarteners!

Anyways, back to the story. One little guy got confused during his speech. He was telling us what his orange petal meant: "This one means I'm orange-and-a-half. *pause* Ha ha ha! I mean seven-and-a-half. Ha ha ha. Orange-and-a-half...!" And the whole class laughed right along with him. Too funny!


  1. Too funny! I wonder if it was the same student that recently asked me if he could have a "bless you" (instead of a tissue)! :-)

  2. A bless you! That's fantastic! Well, I doubt it's the same kiddo since mine was a 1st grader. But I love it, nonetheless!