Monday, May 17, 2010

How life will change...

James and I found out some life-altering news just a couple months ago. And Friday, we got to see this news for the very first time.

Isn't that just the cutest blob you've ever seen?! Well, we certainly think so. ;) 

The reason I've posted this picture to my teaching blog is that it will change a whole semester of teaching for me. We're due just two weeks before Christmas Break, and we're currently planning for me to take the whole Spring Semester off to be with Baby Steele. I'll probably post a picture of the baby before I take off in December, but it could be a while after that that I would post after that! Man...our lives are about to change (we don't even fully realize just how true that statement is!). But it's a change that we're looking forward to. :)


  1. It's kind of sad, but very familiar. The fact that it's familiar is even sadder. This situation I have seen happen so many times. Everyone wants to win. The best players are always picked first, followed by friends, then people that are picked as last resorts. I find it strange that they left him alone. All I felt was pity for the poor kid. Also anger, that people are like this, that society is like this. The video overall is very thought provoking.

  2. What I feel is that kids and everyone should never let someone out of any sports or activities because it makes them not feel loved, liked and their self esteem goes down to the floor. They do poor in school and they are sad. Sometimes that's why they do crazy things. It doesn't feel good to be excluded like in the video because probably everyone has been in that situation atleast the same. I didn't see much a big problem having one group one more kind in the team. It's not fair for Hundo. Another thing I think is that they have to get used to it. In real life not everyone is going to like you how you are so you just have to learn to ignore it. It just their start...

  3. Sorry I meant that for the playground plea.

  4. I thought that it was sad that they left him out they should never leave any one out of the sports games.