Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Card

So...last Thursday was my birthday--the big 2-5. I was out all day in a meeting at the CIMC, but when I arrived the next morning, I had a whole stack of birthday cards from my kiddos. While they were all absolutely delightful and self-esteem-boosting, this one tickled my fancy in a particular way.

#1: I love that she thinks I'm 20; I was in college at 20!
#2: I love that I "look young" to a 5th grader!! No wonder my colleagues can't take me seriously; I'm just a baby to them!
#3: I love that she needed to clarify that looking young is a "compliment," since some women would be "insulted" if they were told they looked younger than they actually were??
#4: I love that she thinks I may not know her (hence "Melissa's friend") but that she's writing me a birthday card, nonetheless.

Overall, I have NO complaints about this card. It made my day! :)


  1. That reminds me that I had a student the other day say that I was 22. He said it with such confidence that I didn't have the heart to share that I was almost 27!! Love you Sa!! Good story.

  2. Lol, MJ! Hey, we'll appreciate it when we're older, right?? :-P