Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4th Grade Bilingual Book

"Oowww! My face! Why does this happen to me?"

Teacher's Note: Ismael's teacher, Susy Ramsey, read this book (Niagra Falls or Does It?) to her class. Imelda "dug" a little in his memory to think of things he's done (such as go to New York). He combined his personal experience with his inspiration from this book! 

 I dedicat this to Henrey Winkler,
the person who inspierd me to write this book.
Niagra Falls or does it? By: Henry Winkler

My dad, his friend, and I went to New York City to see Niagra Falls.

Somebody slipped and fell off the boat.
"I don't feel good." "Aaaaah!" "I'm scared!"
"Man over board!"

We went to the Statue of Liberty.
"I'm afraid!" "Come back here!" Me.

Somebody got scared and fell off!
"Save me!" Map.

 I had to sleep at a house but a cat was on top 
of the house, a man went up to rescue it.

He missed and he fell off the house. 
We called the ambulance and they came. "Sorrrrrrry!"

I had the best vacation ever!
"Oowww!" A guy I saw all the time.

About the Author
Ismael Garcia was born in Chicago, Illinos
and likes to play video games.

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